Disability-related issues are the topic at McMaster\'s Employee Accessibility Network

October 1, 2019

Disability-related issues are the topic at McMaster's Employee Accessibility Network

McMaster employees with disabilities or who have medical accommodations are welcome to join the Employee Accessibility Network – a space for faculty, instructors, teaching and research assistants, and staff to connect and discuss disability-related issues.

The network holds regular meetings, where topics range from barriers to accessible teaching and learning environments, to supports for TAs and sessional instructors with disabilities in the classroom, to career advancement.

Most meetings have a mix of peer support, group goal-setting, consultation and advocacy. They take place on McMaster’s main campus, but network members who are off-site can teleconference or access meetings through a webinar.

As well, the network functions as a consultative group to the McMaster Accessibility Council. 

So if you are a TA or RA who

  • experiences disability, disablement, chronic illness, or a health, mental health or addiction concern;
  • has questions or concerns about accessibility in teaching and learning environments; or
  • is interested in meeting in a confidential setting to share information, resources and offer suggestions for enhancing accessibility at McMaster

you are invited to join the network.

To join the network’s mailing list, attend an upcoming meeting, or ask related questions, send a confidential email to Kate Brown, AccessMac Program, Equity and Inclusion Office: access@mcmaster.ca

Meetings are hosted by the Equity and Inclusion Office, in response to provincial accessibility legislation.